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Wall Street Journal – Secrets of Wealthy Women is a podcast which showcases successful women executives, self-made entrepreneurs, financially savvy experts and industry experts, who generously share secrets to their success.

But not just financial wealth.  Frank conversations, led by host Veronica Dagher, prove that wealth is more than monetary, delving into relationships, community, mindset and courage, and proving that wealth goes well beyond the size of your bank balance.

A podcast from August 2019 is amongst my favourites – “Finding Confidence: The Secret to Speaking Up” – and features a panel discussion with Patricia Stark (Life Coach & Author), Debra Alfarone (Confidence Coach), Lisa Brooks Greaux (Leadership Development Expert), Laura Fredricks (Philanthropist) and Susie Moore (Life Coach & Author).

Here are some key messages that resonated with me:

  • Confidence is being uncomfortable with whatever the outcome may be and understanding that the worse that can happen is a bad feeling.  If you are willing to tolerate the discomfort of a bad emotion, the world belongs to you
  • Confidence is knowing your worth and your value, and knowing when to walk away
  • Write down what you want, and what responses you might get so you are prepared – own your ask
  • The win is just the accomplishment of making the ask.  People don’t ask as they are afraid they will be unprepared for the response they are about to hear. 
  • We let luck, chance and time fill in for something that we really wanted or deserve and simply didn’t ask for – and this effects confidence and health
  • We think other people have their act together and are maximising what they can achieve, and we are brilliant at thinking the exact opposite many times for ourselves – we constantly minimise our own capabilities
  • Are the stories we tell ourselves really your truth? – or are they imposed on you?  Take note of what stories you are telling yourself – change your story, change your life
  • Do something everyday that scares you, to foster and grow incremental confidence in yourself

You can jump straight to this episode to listen here: “Finding Confidence: The Secret to Speaking Up” or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Do you have any podcasts that you absolutely love and inspire you?

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