Yes, I am ashamed to admit I actually googled this exact phrase – and let the reddit, glamour magazine and quora pages of the world hit me with an onslaught of information and opinions as diverse as absolutely “yes” and absolutely “no”.

My googling stemmed from “quarantine hair” an affliction where one finds themselves in desperate need to visit their hairdresser to vanquish any grey with a flourish of hair colour, and re-tame ones mane with the snip of a craftly used pair of thinning scissors, and in my case, executing a substantial undercut ear to ear, into what can only be described as an asymmetric wavy bob.  With a dash of attitude.

But why the google?

I still have moments of dread, regret and feelings of un-attractiveness looking in the mirror to see the absence of my once long flowing locks – which used to be creatively coiffured into victory rolls, quiffs and quoffs in all my favourite vintage styles – and now for the last two years, has been cut into various short crops. 

Perhaps more difficult have been the questions – so when are you going to grow your hair back?  I really miss your hair in vintage styles – do you not like that style anymore?  And my answers are always – yes, I wish I could grow my hair back, and heck yes, I miss vintage styles too!

So what happened?   

About two years ago, three things happened about the same time:

1)   I went really, really grey.  Fast.  And anyone that has grey hair and has chosen to turn to upkeep over nature, knows that maintenance is expensive – and for my uber thick head of hair, that was upwards of $350 a pop; money which I decided I’d rather invest in other pursuits

2)   I developed psoriasis (yep, just like Kim Kardashian), on the soles of my feet, and unfortunately on my scalp too, and because I had so much hair, it was really difficult to treat

3)   I took up swimming as I pursued the dream of completing a half ironman (that dream is ice for now, in case you were wondering) and the time required to dry my hair to avoid a flare up of psoriasis was something short of a nightmare

So I made the huge call to get an “off” and lop off my chance to continue creating voluptuous vintage styles, in favour of a sensible shorter do, although of course, with a dash of attitude.

Instead of leaving me feeling liberated, my new ‘do left me feeling unattractive and boyish, and a few tears were shed over the loss of the identity I affiliated with my hair, and especially my love for vintage styling.  And then of course, came those questions.

Then at a salon visit, just before Christmas, my stylist suggested we have some fun with colour, and I ended up sporting shock bright red locks.  Which of course actually amplified my short-cropped locks, but for me, it seemed to psychologically re-position my head of hair back into a focal point, so much so that I started fussing over again.  My curling irons and straighteners reappeared.  I pulled out the setting spray.

And so up until “quarantine hair” I’d been happily swooshing around feeling all confident up in my grill with my sassy locks.  And then the grey’s poked through and I started looking like a hedgehog that had been dragged through a bush backwards.  And my confidence began to waiver.

Then eventually, my feverish sad googling episode finally made an (educational) and revolutionary discovery – Marilyn Munroe.  Enter hollywood glamour.  Short hair.  Absolutely rocked it.  

And this made me really think about what makes me feel confident, and for starters, for me, its a good, vibrant, sassy mop of hair.

What makes you feel confident?  

2 thoughts on “Women with Short Hair are Less Attractive to Men

  1. What makes me feel confident? I feel it’s my weight I am always more confident when I feel comfortable in the clothes I’m wearing. it’s odd though I’m not obsessed with the numbers but just how I feel in clothes so actually is it my weight or my clothes that make me feel more confident…… not thought about this before

    p.s. I love your short styles I wish I had the confidence to do something different with my hair xxx

    1. Hi Naomi! Thank you, and its so very interesting how individual the concept of “feeling confident is”!

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