Frankie is a proud stockist of PONi Cosmetics and vegan esmi skin minerals foundation.

To order, click here to access my Trade Me Store.  Please email me at frankiedotsmakeup@gmail.com for demonstration enquiries.

PONi and ESMI Cosmetics can be shipped to NZ address’ only following receipt of full payment.


PONi was born out of the desire to help women achieve professional results at home. The founders, having worked with women in the beauty industry for over a decade, noticed a clear trend, women always put their families first and themselves last.  On the few occasions that they were able to treat themselves, getting their makeup and brows done was what made them feel the best and it increased their confidence.

No PONi products are tested on animals.

Frankie Dots is proud to stock PONi Cosmetics – a quality brand which compliments Frankie’s makeup confidence approach.


Esmi is a gorgeous mineral foundation. Not only does it give your skin a flawless look, it protects and nourishes.  Esmi Mineral Foundation is SPF 15 and is enriched with the powerful benefits of shea butter, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, allantoin and niacinamide. It is non-acnegenic, hydrates and protects the skin, all while giving a buildable coverage without the ‘caked-on’ look.

And its Vegan an cruelty free!

Esmi mineral foundation is great for ALL skins, and is a great option for skin with wisdom – something Frankie Dots is passionate about.  Fresh, glowy and flawless at any age.  Perfect!

PONi Cosmetics Price List:

$18          PONi Brow Brush

$30          PONi Brow Powder – Palomino (blonde to light brown colouring)

$30          PONi Brow Powder – Chestnut (red brown & auburn colouring)

$30          PONi Brow Powder – Thoroughbred (brown & black colouring)

$35          PONi Pegasus Eyeliner

$40          PONi White Knight Mascara

$60          PONi Contour Kit – $30 RUN OUT Special

PLUS        Postage on product (refer to Trade me Store)

Esmi Skin Minerals Price List:

$60          Esmi Foundation Brush – quality vegan, layered bristles – fast, perfect coverage.

$60          Esmi Mineral Foundation #1 – pale skin – vegan, 30ml

$60          Esmi Mineral Foundation #2 –  fair / light skin, vegan, 30ml

$60          Esmi Mineral Foundation #3 – medium skin, vegan, 30ml

$60          Esmi Mineral Foundation #4 – tanned skin, vegan, 30ml

PLUS        Postage on product (refer to Trade me Store)

To order, simply click here to access my Trade Me Store.