PRODUCT REVIEW – The White Knight Mascara

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to makeup and products.  I’m probably the most non-experimental makeup artist ever!

This is in partly due to me having very sensitive skin and being a contact lens wearer – when I find products that I like and am not allergic too, I stick with them!

My go-to mascara since my teen years was always Maybelline Great Lash.  And then a few years ago, my new tube caused an allergic reaction – I guess the formulation must have changed.  L’Oreal mascaras became my next stop, and although I loved the intensity of the formulas, it was terribly hard to remove being a waterproof product.  Then onto “Benefit Rollerlash” which I LOVED, but still found very hard to remove and I had issues with the wand snapping off in the tube!

Then I was invited to a PONi Cosmetics “Brows and Bubbles” evening at Me & Mrs Jones Hair Salon mid-last year.  I’d never heard of PONi Cosmetics before and enjoyed the hands-on testing (and bubbles!) at the event.

The White Knight Mascara I couldn’t resist trying out!  It was promised to give no panda eyes ever, be water resistant with the promise not to smudge or transfer onto the skin even in humid weather, be great for sensitive eyes, simply slide off using just water in the shower and be buildable and safe to use even with lash extensions.  Ticked all the dream mascara boxes on paper!


I purchased one, tried it and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!  It’s perfect for my everyday “vintage inspired” makeup look to compliment winged eyeliner.  I have blonde lashes, so to get the look I want, I need a blacker than black lash!  I can apply 2 – 3 coats and achieve great definition without having to wear false lashes, and not once have I had panda eyes.  I can also apply just one coat on the weekend sans makeup (I won’t leave the house without at least brows and lashes!).

The White Knight Mascara has two brushes – the grey “volume” brush helps add volume to the roots, and “white” brush adds length and gets to the little lashes closest to the inner corner of the eye and to sweep over the lower lashes.


I’ve found it perfect in my makeup artistry kit as its buildable, wraps around all lengths of lashes to make the most of what my Client’s have, is easy to use with disposable wands and is perfect for all ages.  It works brilliantly with false lashes within my professional kit too.



The formula wraps around the lashes and does not budge until you want to take it off!

The formula comes off in tubular fragments when agitated in water (no cleanser required, just add water) and I’ve found my lashes feel soft after removal, and there is no residue.



To get your hands (and lashes!) on one for yourself, The White Knight Mascara is $40 and available within New Zealand through my TradeMe Store.  You won’t be disappointed!

Disclaimer:  I am a stockist of PONi Cosmetics because I simply love these products.  I use PONi Cosmetics myself and proudly within my professional kit.